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Wallpaper Films Pops in to Pop Up Penthouse


Wallpaper Films loves  Fatz K’s Pop Up at the Penthouse.  Well done to Fatz and team for bringing cutting edge fashion into Manchester on a beautiful summer evening.  Fatz tells me she will be popping up frequently throughout the year with more amazing designers to host future events.  Keep your ear to the ground for more news on by following Fatz K on twitter or hitting the follow button for @Up_boutique.


Take Time To Relax…


More & more people are finding it difficult to relax due to the increasing pressures of family life.    We all need calming measures to ensure we don’t suffer from burn out.  Take a look at the following techniques, they could be useful in easing tension.  Take a relaxing walk, this usually clears the mind.  Reading a good book helps you to relax and sleeping is always a good thing.  It can leave you feeling refreshed.  The ones I don’t recommend  involve screaming into a pillow, which to me is just plain bizarre.  My favourite of course, having a good cup of tea, whilst watching a FILM.


Norman Loves To Hate

IMG_3251 IMG_2649

The creative mind will do anything to hijack the mental state, of Norman ‘Normal’ & his ever-appeasing wife ‘Norma’.

Creative people are curious about the physical world and intrigued by the inner depths of their emotions. To them a blade of grass is simply not a blade of grass. It is anything but what it appears to be to ‘normal’ people and also many things that most find unimaginable.

The majority of people find this concept hard to grasp because their brains are programmed not to look beyond the physicality of things.

Creative’s adore putting stuff together, particularly stuff that doesn’t appear to go together or make sense to others. They love to confuse the s*** out of ‘Norman & Norma’ because they know their brains can’t bear the challenge.

The Norma’s & Normans of this world languish obliviously in a sponge-like vegetative- state, induced by various addictions, low aspirations and watching too much trash TV. These people are so disconnected from the world around them and the only thing they can relate to is X Factor.

The creative species (lets call them C’s) create ‘confusion’ by mixing images, words & music together (amongst other things) in an impulsive fashion. This often disorientates Norman & Norma (the N’s) and strikes fear in them. The N’s then go about mocking and slagging off things they don’t ever have a hope of understanding, in order to mask their own stupidity and ignorance.

Creatives are used to N’s thinking they are as mad as a box of frogs or in more polite terms eccentric but they don’t give a S*** because they are not looking for acceptance from Norman & Norma anyway. In their mind N’s are the epitome of everything C’s don’t stand for and they would rather not be seen within spitting distance of them.

C’s process everything in an unpredictable pattern compared to the Norm & Norma types. This often makes C’s difficult to live with, impossible to understand and definitely not easy to communicate with.

The upside to this darkness is C’s have extra sensory overload on just about everything and this amazing truckload of data reaches its pinnacle, by cleverly morphing itself into innovation. The N’s only become interested in this process when it is forced upon them because it works to serve them directly in their own mundane lives.

Take James Dyson. He was basically a laughing stock until he started outselling hoover products the world over with his new, engineered bag-less machine. Needless to say the rest is history.

C’s don’t create out of sheer hate for the mundane or just to revel wickedly in the confusion of others. They do this because they have no choice… they are simply wired differently. They operate in a complex way and that in turn makes them a totally different species.

Without C’s our human world would not function & there would be very little progress. Everything that surrounds us good or bad is a direct result of a creative force, be it man made, heaven sent or physiological.

Creatives can be stubborn, self-absorbed and crazy at times, but wouldn’t you be if you were living in the future and you watched as everybody else struggled to catch up?

As Bob Marley famously once said “ Some people feel the rain & other’s just get wet!”

I suggest Norman and Norma think about that next time they use their umbrellas…on second thoughts perhaps that’s just too big to ask.



Blade Runner – Iconic Film

One of the greatest dystopic science fiction films ever made.  This amazing monster directed by Ridley Scott, set in 2019 stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and Edward James Olmos.  It wonderfully avoids a typical Hollywood style ending and focuses on the impact of technology amongst human society and questions the very core of our existence.

IMG_5532 IMG_5530IMG_5561


The Packet Film Philosophy


What ever, vibration we radiate attracts more of the same. Until we learn to release the energy of trauma it will attract and recreate sets of circumstances similar to the original trauma over and over again.  This causes us to resist love, joy, abundance and our own aliveness and in turn veils the life force that is within us.  These negative energies form the limits of our life.



Art Is Power

IMG_3962 IMG_3961 IMG_3959 IMG_3958 IMG_3964 IMG_3977

Art is an integral part of everyday life. Visual forms can be beautiful and emotionally powerful and people often embrace art without actually realising.

Art influences us from our head down to our very toes. Even our own facial hair is coiffed and trimmed to perfection (or not), in a bid to imitate some kind of questionable look from a movie or celebrity that once starred in a movie that we kind-a-like.

We even find ourselves repeating catch phrases like ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘Go ahead make my day’ alongside my own personal favorite ‘Minnie don’t burn Chicken’.

Shoes, clothing and even large handbags like cars all help us to paint what some of us feel is a better picture of ourselves.  Without all this many of us would feel naked, lost in a black abyss.  Without this we might as well just be slug.  After all what is life without any connection to anyone or anything?

Forgive me slugs do have feelings and connections… particularly towards my giant Yucca plant which incidentally they murdered.

Art infinitely makes our lives juicier.  Suddenly we are transported into a world were bills don’t mean anything.  Our minds make room and our eyes widen at the prospect of not thinking about debt for an hour or two.  Learn to use that time well.  Kick back and forget the mundane.  Listen to music, appreciate art in all its forms.   Absorb it like a sea sponge because it is beautiful, often intrigues thought and is a cure for everything.





The Packet packet promo

A short, exploring racist perspectives & stereotypes, and how easily they can be misconstrued by modern society.  The film centers around a young male Roopinda, who is half Pakistani, and has a Caucasian Mother (Vee ).  One, afternoon Roopinda makes his way to the corner shop to buy cigarettes for his mother.  Outside he is confronted by a racist.

Jay Sajjid stars as Roopinda, an cultured young man who tries to see positivity in the desolate world around him. Jay is a powerful actor with a strong presence.   The film needed someone who had mature emotional strength yet at the same time, you could see the vulnerability within them. The whole film will be shot in black and white to create maximum intensity and a slight retro feel.

Rebecca-Clare Evans stars along side Jay as Roopinda’s mother Vee.  Rebecca is a seasoned actor as well as an accomplished film producer.  Her most recent production involved Hollywood Actor Corey Fieldman of ‘Lost Boys’ fame.  Rebecca has a versatility that many actors struggle to obtain.  She is a true maverick and her expert knowledge behind the camera only enhances her performances.  Naturally Rebecca will be placed in the ageing chamber so we can give her the appropriate look for Vee.

Mark Smalley plays ‘Skin’ a visually menacing character, with more than one side to his tough nature.

Mizz Kassim (Producer/Director)worked with Mark previously on her debut film Wallpaper. ‘Mark doesn’t have to do much, he is confident about who he is and what he can bring to the table.  That always makes for a good performance’.



The Packet Behind the Scenes Low-res-packet-192 VEE FAG 1 Low-res-packet-27 Low-res-packet-46 Low-res-packet-102 Low-res-packet-96  Low-res-packet-68 Low-res-packet-93  Low-res-packet-20



Esmeralda 1982202_10152373824596202_8126076516094526177_n

Shireen Ashton stars as Esmeralda the stunning student/vampire queen, who has a disturbing weakness for all things beautiful and fleshy.  Watching this makes you feel like your mind has been kidnapped.  The film oozes old world glamour, but still manages to maintain the shock factor one would come to expect from a quality psycho thriller.  Writer-Director Mizz Kassim succeeds in blending classic Hitchcockian style horror seamlessly into the modern world.

The film is mostly about character and behavior and we can be forgiven for thinking Martyn Mansfield (who plays Esmeralda’s impeding victim, Pegal) bears more than a passing resemblance to a young Dicaprio.  Filming took 2 days, but much prep was needed before-hand to execute the individual scenes of powerful unspoken action.

The film is a testament to both actors (Ashton) (Mansfield), who weren’t afforded the luxury of words to help enhance their performances. Both actors are gifted and manage to convey exactly what they are thinking without seeming to.

The film is beautifully shot and possesses the art and craft of outstanding film making,  ‘Mizz Kassim’s work embodies the creative spirit that filmmakers try to achieve’. The American Online Film Awards 2014



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The Packet: Inspiration for character Vee

images-5  VEE TEETH 4 bex hair  IMG_2701



Mizz Nominated for Royal Television Award STREETEYENOMRTS AWARD IMG_1445Picture of Mizz Kassim courtesy of Shirlaine Forrester for BBC




Mizz Kassim Directs Live Music Concert for Halle Orchestra’s as part of the Olympic Games Cultural Festival 2012

London-Olympics-2012-Logo Unknown IMG_0059-350x250  Unknown-1  images-1



The Only Way is Burlesque Documentary Starring Cherie Bebe mask chere 6 copy  BURLACE.Still001



Wallpaper Films in Cannes with Dogwoof

38317_444694566201_728917_n   gallery_03_statue_large  38020_445998921201_510358_n 37478_445999346201_4319767_n 38273_445996471201_4399309_n 38379_445999066201_4700607_n



Mizz Wins Quiz Show 




Wallpaper Films Supports Hearts & Minds Charity




Nature & Me (Manchester Museum) Interactive Film Premier

Mizz Kassim’s interactive film Bug premiers as part of the Manchester Museums collection for Nature & Me series.

IMG_1211IMG_1217 IMG_1204bugpreview



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